Tasty Tilapia

Tasty Tilapia


4 tilapia fillets

1/2 cup light sour cream

1/4 cup parmasean cheese

1 tablespoon of fresh chives cut very small ( or 1/2 teaspoon)

salt and pepper to taste


Spray baking sheet with Non-stick cooking spray. Put oven on Hi Broil. Season Tilapia with salt and pepper. Place in oven for 10 minutes. Combine the other ingredients. Place on top of tilapia for another 5-10 minutes in the oven.

Served it with grilled corn on the cob or have broccoli for a “free” food.

Nutritional Information:

Tilapia: 4 ounce serving or one fillet; 93 calories; 0g carbohydrates; 1g fat; 0g fiber; 21g protein; 40 mg sodium; 55 mg cholesterol.

Corn on the cob (grilled): one ear serving; 77 calories; 17 g carbohydrates; 1 g fat; 2.5 g fiber; 3.0 g protein; 13.5mg sodium; 0 mg cholesterol.

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